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Little Girl

Little Girl
With cleavage, thighs, and stomach exposed announced,
“I’m a woman now.”
A woman.
Is a woman
So she’s told. So she’s shown. So she becomes.
Learning to seek her identity in
Eyes that peruse her
And hands that use her.
In sugar coated words
Swallowed so easily
Trying to fill
That space left by daddy
And now she has a baby
But she’s just as empty

This Little Girl
Now with her own
Little girl
Who watches Mama
For guidance in her world
Blind leading impressionable eyes
Down a road
That goes in circles
Traveled by fatherless generations
Seeking but never finding
But who’s to blame
When there is no guidance?
The media willingly
Stepping in to take the lead
So she watches closely to MTV
Showing her what a woman
Is supposed to be

Oh, Little Girl
Let me tell you the truth
You mean the world
To the very One
Who created the world
You don’t need any  man
To validate this fact
You don’t need to put on any act
To show that you’re all that!
You ARE all that
Because you ARE
Because He IS
Any other love
Is just a sip
Of the endless ocean
He offers that will fill
Your heart that’s broken

So Little Girl
Cover some of that skin
Your worth  has already been established
In Him
Show off
What you have within
Stand proud
That you are a daughter
Of the King
Who is everything
You could ever need
Don’t let anyone
Tell you otherwise
Stay close to Him
And you’ll quickly
Detect the lies
Let Him be your guide
Follow closely
And after awhile
People will see
That in Him
You are
What a woman should be

2 Responses to “Little Girl”

  1. Laurie,
    Thanks so much for sending these lyrics. This is a powerful song, and I can feel the compassion, urgency and desperation in them. I feel your pain and your outrage for this oppressive system, and the many faces that are girls you know and love.
    I pray the Spirit Who loves, pursues, and heals will fall on your neighborhood, and bring the light of the greatest Lover into this darkness.

    I am so grateful you are there to reflect that love and light!

  2. WOWW!!!! Laurie I was with DOOR last summer when I heard one of your poems at the Haiti center an I was just breath taken!!! just like this poem here. You’ll never believe this. Okay so to start off I am in love with poetry always have been since i was little, probably why i was so captivated by you! I’m a junior in high school now, ive been praying ans=d asking God WHERE DO U WANT ME?? And I’ve just been lead to mission fields …no details all i knew was he wanted me to spread his word and his love, I got on the computer, started thinking about what I can do for missions next year and so on…i was just gonna type in urban…URBAN RESURRECTION popped up in all caps and my heart jumped out of my chest. I love what yall stand for and I am being led to where you are. After Miami i know my missionary will be down there and urban resurrection might just be it!!! if you could contact me I’d love it thank you so much:)

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