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Putting Fathers Back In Focus ~ by Michael Philip

One of my heart’s greatest desires has been to challenge and develop boys and men of all generations to step up into a fuller understanding and genuine growth in the area of Biblical Manhood and Fatherhood. I have been involved with initiatives over the years from inner city Chicago, to Africa and now to the streets of Miami. I know that many share my heart for fatherhood and manhood because it has become a movement not only in the Christian realm but also the secular over the last two decades, and has grown in strength and focus.  Many have shared time and conversation and sometimes labored side by side with me to see that the Fatherhood we have experienced through God is transferred and modeled to the young men and women we have been given to steward and lead into adulthood.

I don’t have to tell you all of the statistics out there about the lack of solid men and fathers and positive male examples in our world today. Many of you have seen these things firsthand and in many cases experienced them personally. In the African American community this issue is an acute one that is felt every moment of every day. In fact, one recent study showed that over 70% of African American households are lacking a father in the home!

I believe that God is beginning to move in a more powerful way in my neighborhood than I have seen in a long time. The potential for His Fatherhood to reach in and transform many boys and men into solid pillars for the development and transformation of their families and community is enormous.

In March, a group of men approached me to ask if I would be a part of this movement that they have called Fathers to the Rescue. The first things that struck me about them was their size (they are former football players) and the first sentence that came out of the main leader’s mouth. He said, “Mr. Michael, I have been watching you and your team for three years and you are the real deal. I want you to be a part of this and for you to help us put fathers back in focus.” These men are the “real deal” as they have turned their lives around and are stepping up to take back the streets and set a positive example of what men can and should be doing.  I don’t think I need to tell you this but this is a missionary’s dream! To have 10 solid men from the context step up and take the initiative to start a movement of this kind is rare. I am honored to be counted among these men and they have asked me to help them get organized into an official nonprofit that will focus their entire effort on recovering some of the men from the streets and changing our community from the inside out starting with the men and their families.

The mission, goals and objectives for Fathers to the Rescue can be seen at our new website www.fatherstotherescue.com so that you can see more of how we plan to do this. We are focusing on the development and implementation of the curriculum and training processes that are needed for the men who want to join this movement but who need to grow in their own manhood and fatherhood. We have found some great materials to start with, proven to work by the National Fatherhood Initiative, and we are adding our own materials developed over the years to supplement and keep it focused Biblically.

This is an opportunity that comes around only once in a great while and has been the focus of my prayers for 6 years as we have labored in our neighborhood. Our cry to God has been for men to step up and lead more effectively in this community and most importantly in their homes, it is finally happening.

**If you would like to support this effort please send checks made out to Fathers to the Rescue to 114 Oak Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33133.

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